Yurem from the Stars

YUREM from the STARS

During our Star Spirituality Course, developed under direct mentorship of Star People from Sirius, Pleiades, Orion, Cygnus, and the beings from Telos, in the Agharta Realm, the concept of 9 dimensions of existence, or thrones of the Divine Power, were referred to by not only the interdimensional beings but also from spiritual guides known from The Great White Brotherhood, Shamanism and Umbanda, a popular Brazilian spiritual practice.

It´s important that, before we go any further, you understand that beings who dwell in very elevated civilizations, when compared to Earth, have rid themselves long ago from the evils caused by the notion of “religion” that plagues primitive peoples and which is the cause for social injustices, ethical distortions, and psychological disturbances of all sorts.

Seeking to ‘religate’ what is already included — in this case, the spiritual dimension inside the sphere of human experience as something natural and intrinsic — religions promote a disconnection with the material world, with our bodies, our lives and the natural relations among all beings, thus acting as the main agent of activation of a disharmonious state of living.

Nonetheless, spirituality is a reality we understand more and more as our scientific understanding of the potentiality of human DNA increases.

Advanced civilizations understand reincarnation, the paranormal phenomena and psychosomatic issues as facts doted of physical, chemical, and natural psyche explanations, proper to the existing experience which recycles continually and goes on ad infinitum.

Multidimensional beings from higher realities detach themselves from us by conducting their lives collectively and individual based on ethics, respecting the holistic balance among ecosystems which comprehends not only visible biology, but also interactions beyond the 5 senses we know. Their reality processes 12 levels of perceptions, connected to 9 dimensions — which, depending on how we look at them, can also be considered as 12 levels due to the unfolding of some of those plans.

The graphics above express how Chief Golden Eagle, an entity who presents himself as a spiritual mentor for Umbanda mediums who had shamanic past lives experiences, explained our universe reuniting and unifying the understanding from the 7 rays of the well-known Great White Brotherhood with the Sacred thrones of Umbanda popularized in Brazil by author, magician and priest Rubens Saraceni, although with a slightly differentiated approach.

By sharing Chief Golden Eagle view I do not intend to start a new religion, much less a ‘new Umbanda’, but solely make the vision shown to me by my guides available to others. Because that is the vision guidelining my work as an Umbanda priestess and also orienting the ways I practice, understand and conceive Umbanda and spirituality in general under the commandment of guides and mentors of multidimensional condition and star energy who lead my writings, too.

If you are familiar with both, the Seven Rays of the Great White Brotherhood and the concept of the 7 Sacred Thrones of Umbanda, shared by 7 Orixas* couples, you probably tried to stablish an equivalence between the 7 rays and the 7 colors normally attributed to the Orixas, but couldn’t make a coherent relation, isn’t it? (*Orixas, or orishas, are natural deities popular in Youruba and other African religious cultural systems, similar to the Greek and Hindu deities.)

As explained by the Golden Bow spiritual clan, which encompasses ancient shamans from all eras who seek to help those searching for the light of truth and sharing it — the multifaceted, alive and cyclical truth — there are “ranges” of intelligent energies coordinating and nurturing factors that are indispensable to the expansive experience of the cosmos, and can be associated to rays, orishas, thrones, gods and goddesses and many more according to the cognitive capacity of the observer.

Those ranges contain an uniform and coherent chromatic spectrum; usually the rays of the GWB refer to are in the central shade presented by each range to identify its attributes and make easier the attunement with it to those who appeal to the decrees and prayers in order to magnetize themselves with the properties of the rays or flames.

In ancestral forms of cult those powers were normally considered as belonging to a divine being, protector of the nation, or descendants of a divinized hero. The use of elements associated to that character promotes the attunement. It is noted that in Umbanda and in Candomble, the two main afro-religion expressions in Brazilian culture, the colors differ, but that doesn’t create any difficulties for the magnetization occurs in both cases with due efficiency.

The 9 dimensional plans will always exist independently of the perspective of the viewer, since what causes a major or minor absortion of the magnetism available in the universe by those factors created by pure energetic realities is the Ethics, not the Optics, because visions are temporal, distorted and highly fallible.

ETHICS, logically, is also subject to the same failures, but it is the very beacon leading civilization to its continuity. Breaking up with the Ethics commitment means a rupture with the protection those energetic intelligent mechanisms hold for their own perpetuation and expansion

TO ALL ENERGETIC USE THAT DISQUALIFY THE ORIGINAL ENERGIES THERE WILL BE AN ORDER OF RETURN INVERTED AND TRIPPLE IN PROPORTION TO THE DEVIATION INFLINCTED. That is why people who enjoy manipulating energies for evil uses, to bring harm onto others, are acting against themselves, because when the time to pay de debit comes, it will be treble.

The 9 plans, thrones or dimensions contain mirrors of negative equivalence, where intelligent, hierarchized beings control actions, demands, utilizations of all energy under command and effectiveness. This is better understood in Umbanda, through the concept of Exus and Pombogiras, or Guardians of the Left Side, as in the Paganism practices all over the word under several denominations.

Our aim here is to introduct this matter and to offer confirmation and validation to information you might have received from your own spiritual and interdimensional guides during meditations and conscious astral travel, if you are also a star seed, a contactee medium, an old soul who remembers.

This is written to also state that the FORM and NAMES are not important, but the CONTENT. The KNOWLEDGE inside a transitory form is what really matters, since it will be reborn under different names, colors, structures and explanatory masters, here and in any world where beings of human adamic form, similar to ours, are manifesting their essences.

We are a group of Star Seeds who remembered our past lives in Sirius, Pleiades, Orion and Telos (and many more star civilizations) who carry the torch of bring back to New Earth the concepts of Spirituality and Science in unification without dogmas from both sides — only the search for the Truth is sacred, respect to all life manifested and living in Harmony with all beings.

We value native spirituality, experiences of expansion of consciousness, respect to Nature and rising our frequencies in order to recover our multidimensional status. If that rings a bell to you, and you speak Portuguese, English or Spanish, let us know.

If you want to know more about the approach of Star People on Spirituality read Yurem from the Stars (soon available in English) and Inside an Interdimensional Spaceship by Jennifer Dhursaille available at Amazon and at www.escritorastellar.com.br.

And if you are fluent in Portuguese or Spanish you may be interested in be part of the group of studies Yurema from the Stars — Sons of the Phoenix, enrolment ending in May. If so, let me know by e-mail at stella@escritorastellar.com.br.



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